Welcome to the

Belly Dance Life Online Membership

Awaken your soul and elevate your being with Belly Dance.

Welcome to the

Belly Dance Life

Sculpt, tone, and awaken your soul!

Have you been feeling disconnected, repressed, self-conscious, like life is shallow, maybe you feel uncomfortable in your own skin? Are you holding back, stuck, stagnant, and/ or dissatisfied? Have you been looking for something that fun and also wakes your body's soul connection up?

If so, turn your light on

with belly dance.

Activate your creative life force energy, and move it through the body with belly dance movement and music.

Are you tired of feeling sluggish and feel like you have no energy at the end of the day? I know how that is! The grind of work, family, and household responsibilities can be so weighing on the soul. I remember the days when I craved more energy to do what I wanted at the end of the day. After serving everyone else, I felt like it needed to be my turn. My turn to have fun and grow. I wanted to feel more empowered, more confident; I wanted to connect into source and feel the freedom of expression. I wanted to dive into a discipline that could allow me to have more fun and, at the same time, develop me into the person that I knew that I was becoming. Do you resonate?

I sometimes felt lonely because I didn't have people like me that I could talk to. People that wanted to self-improve and be free to be them. I wanted to dive deeper into my own spirituality and get lost in something that made me feel like there was something more. Do you ever feel like that?

This is why I created Belly Dance Life. Because when I found belly dance, it changed my world. Not only was it fun, improved my muscle tone and stamina, but it is also the place where I found who I am. It helped me claim my power, step into my confidence and find the freedom I had been searching for.

The ancient wisdom of this art form dates back to folklore dance. When I tapped into the movement that comes from so long ago, there was a part of me that tapped into my own spirituality. It was a truly transformative experience. When I dance, I can completely let go of all of the outside world, and I get in touch with the divine source. It feels liberating; it empowers my feminine core and makes me feel unstoppable. It's a feeling like nothing I have ever experienced in my life.

Since I have been studying this work for over a decade, I am ready to embrace you and your journey. I would love to facilitate your personal growth and belly dance training experience.

Do you want to explore who you are more deeply? Do you want to tap into your beautiful sensuality and truly own your own femininity?

"She's soft, beautiful, and spiritual by nature, and she can frick'n hold your attention with dance!!

My only job that night was to walk around and close the guests' mouths one by one."

Theresa King-Thompson - Trauma recovery coach

One of the hardest parts of 2020 was the lack of being able to be with a community face to face. I know it was incredibly hard for me, and I decided that I want to make sure that we truly connect more. Community is such a huge component of my life and I want that for you. This is why I am not just doing one-off classes but creating a community around Belly Dance Life. It's not just classes to learn a technique, it's about masterminding and helping each other. It's about getting to know other women like you and being a part of a true belly dance community. The artform was not meant to be experienced alone. This is why it is so important to create community around your learning.

So, you're probably wondering what you

receive when you join the Belly Dance Life community.

To make it easy, I've bulleted them out below.

Every week a new belly dance class!

LIVE class a week inside my app.

Once a month ZOOM for community connection and Q&A

1 monthly ZOOM connect to get personalized feedback and assistance on belly dance questions like technique, confidence, stage fright, getting out of your head, letting go, choreography, etc.

Community Group with inspired posts and connection

Mastermind your questions, share your new costumes and accessories and have fun together. This community is our private virtual dance studio to chat, receive inspiration, positive and helpful feedback, plus connect into community and your fellow belly dancer friends.

The Vision for you

Your Belly Dance Life

Are you ready to surrender and truly step into your power? Are you ready to get away from life's hustle and grind and step into an art form that can set you free? I see you building confidence, getting out of your head, and leading with feminine power. I see you rising from the ashes and becoming the phoenix.

You're going to love this!

Get in shape! Belly dance is going to tone muscles that you didn't even know that you had.

Feel safe and thrive

Be a part of a community of women that are building confidence and stepping on the stage for themselves. Watch yourself become not just a more confident mover, but more confident in your life outside of dance.


Have the freedom to be exactly who you are. Come express and have fun with us. This is your turn!

Read about Heather's experience...

Courage. Confidence. Desires re-ignited.

I recognized that the movement helped to reinforce the content, although it felt more vulnerable and less natural for me than a discussion about the content and “aha’s”. This definitely improved as the program progressed!  We are now planning on starting a family in the next couple of months and I credit this program with giving me the courage to finally tackle this instinct and desire with my partner!!"

xo, Heather V.

Private Community Open NOW!

Come see what all the excitement is about!

It's not just dance, it's a new way of doing life!

"Happy to say within months of coaching with Lileith, I secured a great new job, moved 800 miles back to my hometown, got my marriage on track, my husband employed, and the children survived all of this. I could not have done this on my own. Lileith is a Godsend. It is much too difficult to look at the future when you have an immediate life-changing decision in front of you. Lileith has a unique gift of empathy and the ability to see possibilities that we cannot see on our own. I am grateful for my life coach Lileith!"

-Deborah Ann Miller

"Lileith is a mesmerizing dancer with captivating grace and enchanting beauty. Her fluidity is stunning and she beams throughout her performance. Her dedication to her craft does not go unnoticed, her moves are so skillful and very unique, truly a breathtaking performer. I will attend an event just to see her perform."

Mackenzie Moon

About your dance teacher and coach

Lileith Polite

Lileith has studied with both local teachers, and world-famous belly dance stars including Ansuya Rathor, Sadie Marquardt, and Isidora Hart (Izzy). She has taken workshops with Yasmine of South Carolina, Aradia, Michelle Joyce, and Zoe Jakes, Princess Farhana, Suhaila Salimpour, Aziza, and Mia Sha'uri, Hassan Khalil, ZaZa. She was fortunate to take private lessons with original Belly Dance Superstar Ansuya Rathor, eventually earning her Ansuya Bellydance Certification, in 2013. This program is a deep dive into creating an evolving, eclectic, sensually empowered, personal belly dance style with a strong technical base in American Cabaret Technique and Improvisation Concepts, Fusion and Prop Technique, and Combos.

Through her education and experience, she developed a style that is uniquely hers. Lileith's dances tell stories, embodying a character so that each dance has depth and meaning. Her goal is to touch and stir the souls of the audience.

Most recently returning from Egypt where she performed at the Crazy Nights International Dance Festival & Competition; she has been honored to perform at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art; the Arts Center of the Ozarks; the Big Night Gala for the Children’s Safety Center; regional hookah lounges/restaurants; multiple regional belly dance and cultural festivals; private dinner parties; special events; graduation parties and more! She teaches workshops, private lessons, Ladies’ Night Parties; and will be offering classes again in the near future. Contact her at dancewithlileith@gmail.com for any booking or class information!

Lileith holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Adult Education. During the same time period, she found belly dance, 2009, Lileith also found her love of personal coaching. Her friend had been consulting and coaching for the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, so she was able to shadow her work there with the leadership organization, soon thereafter, earning her professional certified coach title in personal and executive coaching from the College of Executive Coaching in Pismo Beach, CA

Although Lileith has tried to separate her coaching work and her love of dancing, they can’t live without the other. So she is bringing them together in her new online community – Awaken Your Instinct, all the while, dancing locally and doing an elite selection of events throughout the year.


What is belly dance?

It is a dance originating from the middle eastern folkloric dances, adapted for stage shows in the late 20th century, and performed at weddings, celebrations, festivals, hotels, and nightclubs in many countries all around the world.  

What kind of belly dance do I teach inside of Belly Dance Life?

I perform and teach primarily Egyptian styles of belly dance. I also incorporate personal-style-expression lessons where you will learn how to bring your own truth and movement to the dance art form.

Why should I try belly dancing?

You should try it out if you are called to it.  There is a beautiful quote by Shemarin Ibrahim that sums it up nicely: “You have heard the call of the wild, something behind your usual horizons is calling you.  Belly dance doesn't call every woman, so if it knocks on your door, I believe it is trying to give you a gift uniquely suitable to you.”

Where can I buy my own belly dance scarf and other accessories/costuming? 

COMING SOON I will have a shop for you to purchase. In the meantime, when you become a member, within our community, I will share where I buy all of my favorite costumes and accessories.

Will I be learning anything else beside belly dancing?

Belly dance is my vehicle through which I’ve experienced accessing and freely expressing my true nature, and it has truly awakened my instincts, and me in so many ways.  Through this experience, I aim to bring you along with a similar journey to your own awakening by not only teaching the dance but applying it to your journey in accessing and freely expressing your very truest nature.

Do you perform for parties special occasions?

Yes, please reach out to me at lilieth@lileithpolite.com

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